Missing Classmates

The following list of Classmates are those that have not yet joined this website.  If you know where these classmates are, please share our web address with them:  http://www.springville72.com.

If you know the e-mail address for any classmate below, you can click on the classmate's name to send them an invitation to our website.

Many on this list really aren't "missing" ... they just haven't logged on here yet.  If you want to see a list of those classmates that we have NO CONTACT INFORMATION for, go to the Home Page and on the right side of the page where classmate locations are listed, go to the bottom of that list and click on "location unknown." 

WE NEED YOUR HELP!   We know people are busy "living their lives", but LET'S TRY TO GET EVERYONE ON HERE!

Jennifer Allan
Sherry Allan (Taylor)
Tom Atchison
Doug Atwood
Cary Averett
Diane Averett (Armour)
Anita Barker
Arna Barney
Pauline Best (Gurr)
Ken Boman
Debra Bowles (Rinehart)
Lynn Bradshaw (Rawlinson)
Brad Brinkerhoff
Don Brown
Don Cain
John Chatterly
Alan Clark
Patty Clinton
Alex Cooksey
Allison Craig
Pamela Davies (Janeway)
David Diamond
Doug Ehler
Sheila Evans (Bjarnson)
Leda Follander
Christie Forbush (Banks)
George Frisby
Kris Gee (Hunter)
Cynthia Hampton (Carman)
Marsha Hansen
Blaine Hatch
Gene Hatch
Kathy Hazel
Becky Hebner (Ney)
John Holley
Dede Hopkinson (Thomas)
Sterling Horton
Frank Houser
Chuck Huff
Mike Hutchings
Jimmy Ivie
Susan Jackson (Goble)
Brian Jenkins
Phyllis Keams
MaNon King
Maria Lezama
Doug Llewellyn
Julie Lowe (Sorensen)
Terry Lowe (Smith)
Shirley Lunceford (Branagan)
Stephen Marshall
Dennis Maynes
Thomas McGarry
Nora Lee Miner (Bird)
Mike Money
Dixie Nalder
Sally Nelson (Parker)
Steve Nielson
Bill North
Kaye Norwood (Lopez)
Phillip Ollerton
Sally Papworth (Baer)
David Paulson
Mike Petro
Annette Rawle (Holm)
Jim Robinson
Stephen Roylance
Jolene Sargent
Mike Savage
Craig Schouten
Gregory Shephard
Don Simons
Debbie Smith
Mike Smith
Stan Smith
David Stark
Karen Stevenson
Mike Stika
George Strong
Bruce Taylor
Allan Thompson
David Tippetts
Myrna Tomlin
Delfina Torres (DeShaw)
Nancy Valdez
Dean Vest
Janet Voorhees (Burton)
Ann Walker (Broughton)
JoAnn Wauneka
Lorna Weight (Martin)
Donna Westman (Ellis)
Alva Westwood
Brenda Whaley (Stowe)
Gaylene White
Brad Wiley
Sharon Wilson (Hansen)
Chris Yates